Magnetic Drum
Magnetic Drum

Magnetic Drum

A dry magnetic separator for strong magnetic minerals with coarse particles, and it is also called magnetic pulley. Production capacity: 20-600t/h. Product Improvement: Cylinder could be lined with Xinhai wear- resistant rubber to prolong the service life.

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Product Features:

  • Large feeding particle size(450~0mm),no classification before feeding.
  • High strength and high reliability of the mechanical structure guarantee the normal.
  • work of the magnetic drum in a variety of harsh environment.
  • Permanent magnetic drum is also called magnetic pulley,apparatus magnetic equipment for magnetite ore, mainly used for pre concentration before fine crushing or grinding to remove the gangue, deads and tailings, and the tailings out rate is about 10%.

Product Application:

  • It is applied in lean iron roughing after the roughing crushing or middling crushingto remove deads, improve grade, and reduce the load of the next procedure.
  • For not fully reductive raw ore of hematite reduction.
  • For the ceramic industry to remove iron and improve the quality of ceramic products.
  • For other industries needing to remove iron, such as Burning coal, sand casting, refractory material, etc.

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