Discover the tranquil beauty of Ooty at Hotel Silver Oak’s charming 3 bedroom cottage. Located in the beautiful Nilgiri Mountains, our cottages are the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and tranquility. Each cottage has spacious and tastefully furnished bedrooms, ensuring a relaxing stay for families and groups. The three bedroom cottage offers plenty of space for everyone to enjoy privacy and socializing. Get a good night’s sleep in comfortable beds with high-quality linens and wake up to fresh mountain air to invigorate your senses. The cottage also comes with a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare meals and enjoy them together in the dining area.

hotel silver oak ooty
hotel silver oak ooty

5 adluts 4 children

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3 King Bed

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City View

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Rain Shower

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hotel silver oak ooty

living room

hotel silver oak ooty


hotel silver oak ooty



Check-in at Hotel Silver Oak Ooty is usually in the afternoon, around 12:00 or 1:00 PM. However, we recommend that you check directly with the hotel regarding their specific check-in policy and inform them of your expected arrival time. This will ensure that the necessary precautions are taken and that your check-in process runs smoothly.

Yes, Hotel Silver Oak Ooty usually offers free parking to guests. You can park your car on the hotel grounds at no additional charge. However, we recommend that you confirm this information directly with the hotel as policies may change or change over time.

Yes, Hotel Silver Oak Ooty usually includes a complimentary breakfast for guests. Enjoy a delicious and hearty breakfast to start the day before exploring the beautiful surroundings of Ooty. However, it is recommended to check details with the hotel at the time of booking to ensure that breakfast is included in a particular package or offer.

Yes, Hotel Silver Oak Ooty usually offers televisions in guest rooms. A variety of TV channels are available for entertainment during your stay. However, for on-demand movies, it is recommended to check directly with the hotel as availability may vary. Some hotels offer pay-per-view or on-demand movie services, while others offer access to streaming platforms and select movies. The hotel staff will be happy to provide you with up-to-date information on the entertainment options available during your stay.

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hotel silver oak ooty
hotel silver oak ooty

Welcome to Hotel Silver Oak. A premier hotel that combines luxury and comfort surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Our hotel combines first-class amenities with thoughtful service to make your stay a memorable one.
Enjoy the serenity of our elegantly designed rooms and suites. Each room has been carefully decorated to provide a peaceful retreat. As soon as you enter the tastefully decorated lobby, you will feel an atmosphere of elegance and warmth.
A host of modern conveniences and amenities designed to meet every need. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, our state-of-the-art facilities, including a fully equipped business center and High Speed ​​Internet Access, ensure a smooth stay.

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    hotel silver oak ooty
    hotel silver oak ooty